Illamasqua Paranormal collection

I dagarna lanserade Illamasqua sin sommarkollektion, Paranormal. Inspirerad av övernaturliga krafter, med knalliga neonfärger blandad med varmt skimmer och oväntade texturer.

Illamasqua Paranormal
Release date: April 30th (


This summer Illamasqua opens the doorway to another dimension. Dare to come in? To go where you have never been before? This new collection summons you to channel your extra sensory perception and step across the threshold into a parallel reality. After all, why be normal, when you can be paranormal?

It is time to awaken the aura you have repressed for so long by exploring another universe of unexpected textures and formulas. Embrace the distorted reflection in a cracked mirror or the candle that suddenly extinguishes in a sealed room; a window has opened, allowing you to penetrate the fragile membrane of a twin existence, the Paranormal world.

Paranormal UV Nail Varnish (£15.00)

Transmit your acceptance of the paranormal by wearing these otherworldly Nail Varnishes. These 3 new shades and Top Coat not only offer a vivid burst of colour in the normal world, but also glow under UV black light, revealing an alternative, paranormal effect unknown to the naked eye.

  • Omen Paranormal bright green
  • Ouija Paranormal bright pink
  • Séance Paranormal bright violet

Paranormal UV Top Coat (£13.00)

  • Geist Paranormal clear/glow

Paranormal Palette (£34.00)

This palette boasts textures of the unexpected. The unique formula of water-resistant eye shadow provides a silky unknown consistency with a soft vivid finish for effortless application and blending. The shadows contain a spherical fine particle silicone, which ensures ease of use and long-wearing hold.

  • Paranormal Vivid cerise
  • Aura Warm copper
  • Possession Cool green
  • Trance Soft violet

Hydra Veil (£27.50)

A first from Illamasqua, part hydrator, part primer, Hydra Veil is cosmetic-care created to enhance make-up application through skin rehydration for an optimal base. Hydra Veil’s self-levelling futuristic gel texture is proof that all is not as it first seems.

Lipstick (£16.50)

In an intergalactic colour scheme, Illamasqua’s new Lipstick shades are both in bold, purple shades. Providing an intense matt coverage, ESP and Posture are designed to honour the connotations of purple in parapsychology – a symbol of intuition and psychic activities.

  • Posture Cool mauve
  • ESP Vivid violet

Precision Gel Liner (£18.00)

New Precision Gel Liner soon to be a mainstay in the make-up bags of any beauty enthusiast, Precision Gel Liner recreates the fluidity of a liquid liner with the ease of a gel. Creating a smooth rich line from the first application, the long-lasting waterproof formula is guaranteed to stay in place all day, and night. The eyes are the windows to the soul, go forth and frame them.

  • Infinity Black

Gleam (£18.00)

This lightweight compact highlighter with golden iridescent formulation lifts, highlights and creates a halo of extraordinary light wherever applied.

  • Supernatural Warm bronze








summer2013_nail polish
UV nail top coat in Geist, Nail varnish: Omen, Ouija, Séance


Paranormal palette


summer2013_illamasqua lipsticks
Lipstick: Posture, ESP


Hydra veil


Precision gel liner Infinity


Supernatural gleam

Alltså åh. Nästan allt lockar mig ur den här kollektionen så jag vet inte vart jag ska börja, jag vill liksom ha allt. Hydra veil, Precision gel liner, båda läppstiften, Supernatural gleam, paletten och det gröna nagellacket står på min shoppinglista, men jag får nog ta och begränsa mig lite… Vad gillar ni Paranormal? Något för er? Kollektionen finns att klicka hem nu på Illamasquas hemsida.

In English: Illamasqua’s collection for summer 2013 is called Paranormal and is inspired by unnatural forces, with bright neons, unexpected textures and warm shimmer. I’m totally into this concept and I want almost everything! Gosh, my wallet is going to cry. What do you think of Paranormal?

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