MAC Archie’s girls collection

I mars landar den äntligen, MACs stora vårkollektion Archie’s girls. Temat är så klart serietidningsfiguren Acke och hans två beundrarinnor, Betty och Veronica, en serietidning som lästes flitigt av mig i mina yngre år! Kollektionen är uppdelad i två delar – en varmare och snällare version, som är Bettys, och en kallare och lite vampigare version, som är Veronicas.

MAC Archie’s girls
Release date: February 7th 2013 (US/Canada), March 2013 (International)

Archie's Girls_Beauty-300

Betty and Veronica – the names alone are a vivid four-colour flashback to an era of sweet, comic book innocence. Their eternal love triangle, with all-American freckle-faced Archie, is legendary in its teen tension, tight sweaters and two-toned saddle shoe charm. Girl-next-door blonde Betty vs. vivacious, spoiled rich-girl, brunette Veronica, an epic rivalry, now in two contrasting M•A•C colour collections, packaged in exclusively designed cases. ALL LIMITED EDITION.


Archie's Girls_Ambient-300


Lipstick — Betty ($16.50 / 215 SEK)

  • Girl Next Door Vivid blue pink (Lustre)
  • Betty Bright Light vibrant peach (Satin)
  • Oh, Oh, Oh Sheer brown plum (Lustre)

Lipglass — Betty ($16.50 / 205 SEK)

  • Summer Sweetheart Light peach
  • Stay Sweet Light lavender pink
  • Kiss & Don’t Tell Bright coral

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner — Betty ($16.50 / 180 SEK)

  • Lord It Up Bronze with pearl
  • Black Swan Black with gold pearl

Pigment — Betty ($23.00 / 260 SEK)

  • Cheers My Dear Light lavender (Frost)
  • Lucky in Love Shimmering light blue green (Frost)

Powder Blush — Betty ($22.00 / 265 SEK)

  • Cream Soda Light neutral coral (Satin)

Pearlmatte Face Powder — Betty ($30.00 / 295 SEK)

  • Flatter Me Golden peach base (Shell Pearl Beauty Powder) with coral hearts (Foolish Me Powder Blush)

Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Palette — Betty ($44.00 / 480 SEK)

  • Caramel Sundae Mid-tone warm tan (Satin)
  • Cheryl Chic Light coral pink (Frost)
  • Dreammaker Pale frosty yellow (Frost)
  • Showstopper Dark, cool-toned brown (Matte) 

Nail Lacquer — Betty ($17.50 / 150 SEK)

  • Pep Pep Pep Light peach nude
  • Comic Cute Bright coral

Opulash mascara – Betty ($17.50 / 200 SEK)

  • Optimum black Saturated intense black


mac betty


mac betty lips
Lipstick: Girl next door, Betty bright, Oh oh oh. Lipglass: Summer sweetheart, Stay sweet, Kiss & don’t tell


Caramel sundae palette


mac betty blush
Cream soda blush


mac betty pearlmatte powder
Flatter me Pearlmatte face powder


mac betty pigments
Pigment: Cheers my dear, Lucky in love


mac betty nail lacquer
Nail lacquer: Pep pep pep, Comic cute


mac betty pencils+mascara
Pearlglide intense eye liner: Lord it up, Black swan
Opulash mascara: Optimum black


Lipstick — Veronica ($16.50 / 215 SEK)

  • Daddy’s Little Girl Mid-tone pink violet (Satin)
  • Ronnie Red Bright red (Matte)
  • Boyfriend Stealer Deep blackened plum (Cremesheen)

Lipglass — Veronica ($16.50 / 205 SEK)

  • Mall Madness Mid-tone pink violet
  • Strawberry Malt Bright red
  • Feelin’ So Good Deep blackened plum

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner — Veronica ($16.50 / 180 SEK)

  • Petrol Blue Deep navy with pearl
  • Designer Purple Violet with pearl

Pigment — Veronica ($23.00 / 260 SEK)

  • Black Poodle Blackened pink (Frost)
  • Magic Spells Blackened teal (Frost)

Powder Blush — Veronica ($22.00 / 265 SEK)

  • Prom Princess Mid-tone violet pink (Satin)

Pearlmatte Face Powder — Veronica ($30.00 / 295 SEK)

  • Veronica’s Blush Silvery pink base (Play it Proper beauty powder) with deep pink hearts (Frankly Scarlet blush)

Spoiled Rich Eyeshadow Palette — Veronica ($44.00 / 480 SEK)

  • Spoiled Rich Rich purple (Frost)
  • Ron Ron Run Deep navy (Satin)
  • Pin-Up Purple Mid-tone orchid (Frost)
  • Gravel Charcoal (Matte)

Nail Lacquer — Veronica ($17.50 / 150 SEK)

  • Past Curfew Deep berry
  • Double Trouble Deep navy

Opulash mascara – Veronica ($17.50 / 200 SEK)

  • Bad, bad black Saturated intense black with extra volumization


mac veronica


mac veronica lips
Lipstick: Daddy’s little girl, Ronnie red, Boyfriend stealer. Lipglass: Mall madness, Strawberry malt, Feelin’ so good


Spoiled rich eyeshadow palette


mac veronica blush
Prom princess blush


mac veronica pearlmatte powder
Veronica’s blush Pearlmatte face powder


mac veronica pigments
Pigment: Black poodle, Magic spells


mac veronica nail lacquer
Nail lacquer: Past curfew, Double trouble


mac veronica pencils+mascara
Pearlglide intense eye liner: Petrol blue, Designer purple
Opulash mascara: Bad, bad black



  • Archie’s Girls Brush Kit: 266SE, 226SE, 242SE, 168SE, 167SE ($49.50 / 545 SEK) (Säljs enbart på Åhléns city och NK i Stockholm)
  • Jingle Jangle Coin Purse ($32.00 / 265 SEK) (Säljs enbart på Åhléns city och NK i Stockholm)
  • Young Hearts Mirror ($25.00) (Kommer ej till Sverige)
  • Just a Flirt Makeup Bag ($38.00 / 370 SEK) (Säljs enbart på Åhléns city och NK i Stockholm)
  • Yours Forever Tote ($49.50) (Kommer ej till Sverige)


Archie's Girls_Accesories-300






På min shoppinglista står båda pearlmatte-pudrena (hur fina är dom inte?!), läppstiften Betty bright, Ronnie red och Daddy’s little girl, och rouget Prom princess. Tokdiggar både tema och produkter, synd bara att priserna trissas upp flera tior på grund av special packaging =/ Vad tycker ni om kollektionen – härlig eller tacky? Kommer ni att spana in något när den släpps i butik den 8 mars?

In English: In March, MAC finally launches their big spring collection for 2013 – Archie’s girls, which is inspired by the comic book character Archie and his two girls that are fighting over him, Betty and Veronica. The collection is split into two parts, Betty’s part and Veronica’s part. On my shopping list are both Pearlmatte powders (how gorgeous?!), lipsticks in Betty bright, Ronnie red and Daddy’s little girl, and Prom princess blush. I do love both the theme and the products, but it’s such a shame that the price range is so high just because of the special packaging =/ what do you think of this collection – dreamy or tacky?

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