Dior Chérie bow collection

Våren hos Dior går i feminina, mjuka rosa toner inspirerade av en av Christian Diors favoritdetaljer: rosetten. Vackra sidenband i mjuka rosa nyanser flirtar med hårda svarta och grafitgrå kontraster.

Dior Chérie bow
Release date: January 2013 (US/Canada/International)

dior cherie bow

In a flush of freedom, as though flaunting an irrepressible desire to seduce, the Spring 2013 makeup look by Tyen creates a uniquely fresh fusion of the House of Dior’s iconic codes. Dressed with the bow that Christian Dior adored — a throwback to games of love and chance, feminine avatar of the bow tie and an homage to the ribbons worn by the Duchesse de Fontanges, the Chérie Bow collection unfurls…pretty as pink. The couturier found pink to be “the softest of colours”, the colour “of happiness and femininity”. He continually reinvented its hues, from tender ballerina to hot and shocking. Pink received its first couture initials: CD. With Chérie Bow, pink flirts with smoky black and anthracite grey… Pink, black, grey… The palette glows, the harmonies contrast against the skin… Sometimes demure and well-bred, often sizzling and glamorous, always cult, pink has never been this edgy. The ultimate Dior signature houndstooth makes its mark on the eyeshadows, turning these beauty accessories into the couture must-haves of the season.


Palette Chérie bow (850 SEK)

  • 001 Rose Poudré
  • 002 Rose perle

3 Couleurs smoky chérie bow edition (470 SEK)

  • 731 smoky rose

Diorblush chérie bow edition (450 SEK)

  • 659 Tender coral
  • 729 Pink happiness

5 Couleurs chérie bow edition (595 SEK)

  • 724 Rose ballerine
  • 854 Rose charmeuse

Dior vernis (250 SEK)

  • 155 Tutu
  • 306 Gris trianon
  • 355 Rosy bow

Twin set eyeshadow (345 SEK)

  • 060 Grey sigh
  • 090 Fishnet black
  • 530 Beige ribbon
  • 849 Ballerina pink

Dior addict lipstick (350 SEK)

  • 437 Charmante
  • 457 Candide
  • 467 Bow
  • 687 Espiégle

Dior addict lip glow Color Awakening Gloss (325 SEK)

Dior Nail glow (250 SEK)


DIOR_06-100 copythisZcompacts_CadrF39




DIOR_07-069 copythispens_CadrF39


DIOR_03-044 copythisnail_CadrF39


Dior cherie bow palettes
Rose Perle, Rose poudré


Dior cherie bow 3 coluers
3 couleurs smoky rose


Dior cherie bow blush
Pink happiness, Tender coral


Dior cherie bow 5 coleurs
5 couleurs Rose ballerine, Rose charmeuse


Dior cherie bow twin set
Twin set eyeshadow: Ballerina pink, Beige ribbon, Fishnet black, Grey sigh


Dior cherie bow vernis
Tutu, Gris trianon, Rosy bow


Dior cherie bow glow
Lip glow, Nail glow

Så mycket fint (och promobilderna = <3!), min arma plånbok! Mest lockar så klart Star product-paletterna, men 850 kr känns lite väl mycket att lägga på en makeuppalett, tyvärr. Men drömma kan man ju alltid göra… Lip glow och nail glow verkar spännande, två produkter som anpassar sig för att framhäva en naturligt vacker nyans på läppar och ge en “instant french manicure” på naglarna. Även nyfiken på Twin set-pennorna, Pink happiness-rouget och 5-paletten Rose charmeuse. Kollektionen ska finnas ute i butik nu, något som lockar er ur Chérie bow?

In English: Dior’s spring collection has been inspired by Christian Dior’s favourite accessory – the bow. Pink satin ribbons in feminine pink shades are broken off by harsh blacks and charcoals. Such a pretty collection, my wallet cries a bit at the thought of it… The star product palettes are gorgeous as usual, but a bit out of my price range. The Lip and nail glows sounds interesting, products that adapts after your lip and nail tone to create a perfect flattering glow, and I’m also curious about the Twin set pencils, the Pink happiness blush and the 5 couleurs palette Rose charmeuse.

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