Make up store BonBon collection

Make up stores julkollektion heter BonBon, och bakom kollektionen står ingen mindre än oerhört duktiga och talangfulla Linda Hallberg. Inspirationen bakom kollektionen är sötsaker, som choklad, macarons och cupcakes med ett litet körsbär på toppen.

Make up store BonBon
Release date: November 2012 (Sweden)


INDULGE! Girls just want to have fun, right? This season is all about fun in the sense of colors and savory goodies and it’s making the models almost skip jump down the runway. Cupcakes, macarons, pain au chocolat… treats that no one can resist, and shouldn’t resist for that matter! Say hello to lovely pixie and doll faced vixen looks. A pouty lip with sugar on top is just impossible to refuse. Add a splash of cherry and pistachio to those smizing eyes and the tastylicious sensation is a fact. Sugar cute is the way to go so give in to that sweet tooth of yours and color yourself happy this winter! And hey, have another cookie – you are definitely worth it!

Microshadow (140 SEK / $25.00)

  • Cinnamon bread (f.d. Cyber)
  • Cupcake
  • Pistachio biscotti

Eyedust (135 SEK / $20.00)

  • Chocolate fondant

Sparkling lipstick (170 SEK / $25.00)

  • Cherry pie

Lipgloss wand (145 SEK / $25.00)

  • Geranium

Eyepencil (135 SEK / $19.50)

  • Chocolate cheese cake

Nailpolish (130 SEK / $17.50)

  • Nesja
  • Silje

MUS BonBon lips + eyepencil
Cherry pie lipstick, Geranium lipgloss wand, Chocolate cheese cake eyepencil

MUS Bon Bon shadows
Cinnamon bread, Pistachio biscotti microshadows
Cupcake microshadows, Chocolate fondant eyedust

MUS Bon Bon polish
Silje, Nesja Nailpolish

Oh my, säger bara en sak – bra jobbat, Linda! Jag har haft produkterna hemma ett par veckor nu redan för att klämma och känna lite på, och jag har redan hittat ett par favoriter. Bjuder på lite swatches under den närmaste veckan! Enligt pressinfon ska kollektionen komma ut i butik under november månad men det verkar som att den lanseras under VIP-kvällar i vissa Make up store-butiker redan den 25 oktober. Vad tycker ni om BonBon?

In English: The holiday collection from Make up store is called BonBon, and is created by the ever so talented Linda Hallberg. It’s inspired by sweets, such as chocolate, macarons and cupcakes with a cherry on top. I’ve had the products at home for a few weeks and I’ve already found some favourites – I’ll post some swatches during the upcoming week! What do you think of the collection?

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